The Ritual Of Running

Every week, I run several miles through the Texas trail systems. I began running as a teenager to become fit. At that age, I knew about the importance of physical fitness but only sensed the depth of what could unravel beyond it.

I still run to stay fit; nowadays, my fitness expands into the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of my journey.

To me, running has become a modality of movement to create balance. It has become my introspective ritual.

The first few miles are a release of thought and every mile after is an increase of connectivity. I connect with my aspirations and desires. I learn to control my breath and align it with my body. After I sense the shift of alignment, a wave of ultra-cognizance takes form. I become mindful and highly respectful of nature. I become grateful for my loved ones, my blessings, and God’s love.

Then I focus my energy on building something of my own. Essentially, the ideas I brought about for Indigo 11 were envisioned on a trail run.

For me, the experience of running is an extension of the experience of Life; the peaks, the unique challenges, the failures and the achievements. These components could not exist without one another: It’s the balance.

I have faced myself and shaped who I have become while running. I’ve also conquered my greatest fears and celebrated all of my feats while running.

It’s my balance.

And so I run.