How Yoga Changed My Life.

I remember the day perfectly. It was the day I decided to try a yoga class. It was in the summer of 2007 when I was 23. I had a busy social life and was a very young and independent lady. I was trying to find myself and I have always been someone that likes to try new things. Essentially, I wanted more peace in my life within my heart and my mind.

At that age I didn't know what balance was. My life was fast and fun; I had no time to think or meditate. The lacks of these things are not be good for the soul. So therefore I decided to try Yoga for the first time. I went to a popular studio in town, Austin, TX, (popular at the time because there was not many studios in town) I didn't know exactly what to expect other than stretching and relaxing. What anyone would think yoga is, right?! I didn't think to ask what type of class I was attending I just looked at the schedule for the 6:30 class and showed up in my "yoga ready" outfit and brought a cheap yoga mat I got from Ross or somewhere like that. There is nothing wrong with finding an inexpensive mat- just that after years of practicing, I appreciate a mat where I don't slip and slide through the entire class) Upon entering the class room the instructor welcomed me with a friendly smile and a few nice friendly questions. I instantly felt at home! I said yayyy!!.... people are nice here!!!

Uffff, good for me because I was there by myself and didn't know what the hell I was about to get myself into. First things first - the nice and funny instructor made us introduce ourselves to our "yogi neighbors." Kinda weird for me because I am someone that really doesn't do much of a small BS talk, but " whatever" let's do this!! I said to myself. Then after my somewhat weird small talk with my new yogi buddies I was ready to see what this yoga world was all about. Next, our instructor made us do an interesting breathing exercise; I can say now I really do enjoy it but at the time I didn't know exactly what I was doing. On my first try I didn't get the full benefits of the exercise. After much practice, I now understand the importance of breath-work. After our breathing session our class began, and boy oh boy let's me tell you what ...... I was not ready for this but hey I said I would try it, so I was all in. The kind instructor made us stand in the front of the mat and dance! YES I said DANCE and YES! I love to dance so I was into it - there was so much going thru my head: Am I going to look stupid? Is everyone going to know I don't do yoga? Is this a special ceremony? Am I going to have to dance in front of everyone !??! (Anxiety on FULL EFFECT) Is this a dancing class? I had tons of questions but the music was starting and I didn't have time to think, just to move the hips!! and I had just a second to decide.... am I going to be that one person that walks out?!!! No way! I am a badass and I can do whatever I want ( again all this is in my head pumping myself up). The drums and instruments stated playing. By the way, I didn't realized they even had a "yogi band" in there but I was happily surprised because I love live music. Drum, drum, drum, and everyone started dancing on their mat. I didn't know how to exactly express my dance skills with this new beautiful way of dancing and music so I free styled it and man !! it was sooooo fun We did that for at least 5 minutes, fun fun fun, then our magical instructor said " dance around the room and walk in a circle dancing around the room!" At this point I am just following instructions.. so we danced around the room for about 10 minutes. I felt like I was in a tribe dancing with my spiritual family. It was definitely something new and very out of my comfort zone. There were individuals that looked like they do the class often so I decided to follow their style and it was wild but it seemed free and welcoming. We had a blast!! Then our instructor guided us back to our mat. After that, personally I thought I was done! I was ready to go home and share with the world that yoga is really a dance party; a beautiful dance spiritual party. But noooo I was wrong we still had 45 more minutes of class..... whattt!!! Next, we laid on our mat and our guru instructor made us do quite a few different more breathing techniques and I believed we had like 20 minutes of silence - just laying on our mat I think I feel asleep for a bit. I woke up confused for a sec but hey after we "woke up" our spiritual teacher made us all hug each other around the room. I was surprised but at that point I was ready for anything that would come from this love. And I say love because when you enter a class like this you feel the Love. At the end of class I was not done, I felt like I opened a new door or a whole new life style and adventures and I was not ready to go back to the old. That was when my decision to keep Yoga in my life forever was decided and now I can say it was the best decision of my life. I haven't stop doing Yoga since then! I love yoga, I love yogis, I love the life style, and I am proud of the change now. Oh and I never mentioned that the class I took for my first time was a Kundalini class. Now I know what that means and I am so happy I woke up that day with the energy to Change my life... so I did.