Empower Your Mind, Enhance Your Life.

Hi! We are Indigo Labs USA. Nice to meet you.

We are a passionate and driven group of individuals that have dedicated our lives to researching and developing unique, scientifically tested, natural formulas to help you be the best version of you.

The modern-day journey encompasses a multitude of roles: Collectively we are significant others, parents, entrepreneurs, colleagues, athletes, observers, creators, explorers, and students. We simply have a team that understands the importance of well-being and cares about wellness more than anyone else; we've made it our mission to enhance your journey.

Over the years, we found ourselves on the natural holistic path; we became incredibly intrigued with the power of botanicals and other natural compounds. After experiencing improvements in our own lives while researching and testing these ingredients, we became inspired to help others. And thus Indigo 11 was born. Here are some of the amazing benefits:

Supports cognitive health and brain health

Increases energy levels and drive

Promotes optimal digestive health

Supports a healthy immune system

Supports healthy adrenal functions

Empower Your Mind, Enhance Your Life.