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“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Nootropics are the FUTURE and NOW. As a biz owner in P-Town and a dominator on the crypto exchange, I need all the edge I can get!
What I dig most about Indigo 11 is the creative energy and amped up drive I feel without the crash. I am happier, healthier and much more productive.”

- Jacob Bedford

Coffee Shop Owner

Crypto Game Changer

BulletProof | Biohacker

Rare Boots Collector

Portland Livin’

Professional Man

“I was excited to try Indigo 11 for the first time a few weeks ago, I have not felt such mental clarity since I was right out of college. My thought processes have been so methodical and structured allowing me to perform my daily duties in such an efficient manner. I'm an Indigo 11 fan for life!!”

-Jeff Threadgill

Robotics Industry

Moto Enthusiast

Small Dog Parent

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"As a nutrition and wellness enthusiast, I take what I put into my body very seriously.  Indigo 11 intrigued me because it is the only supplement that I’m aware of that promotes both gut and  brain health with all natural ingredients.  After taking Indigo 11 for a couple of months, my mind feels sharper, my stress levels have decreased, and I have more energy.  I feel like the best version of me!"

-Emilea Belaire

Certified Health Coach

Healthy Snack Industry

Proud dog mom

Deep Eddy Pool fanatic


“LOVE IT! I bought this product unsure of what to expect. After a couple of uses I'm telling anyone I know. I love how clear and focused I am while taking Indigo. I now take Indigo 11 before important meetings or when I need that extra boost of clarity. I am so happy that I don't have to worry about a "crash" or mental fatigue after taking Indigo. ”

- Rachel Parrish

Territory Sales Manager

Amateur Weight Trainer

Partner In Crime Foodie 




“As a panic attack-prone individual, I was hesitant to try Indigo 11, but to my relief I found it gentle on the nerves. Within a week of taking this brainy nootropic, I cleaned my entire apartment, started running again, and had the most coherent political discussion of my life.”

-Whitney Rivers Dwire

Non-Profit Operative

Manhattan Local

Matcha Lover




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“Indigo 11 is keeping me on my top game! I am more focused and energized without the side effects. I've also noticed I am sleeping and digesting better. Great results, noticeable difference.”

-Skyler Deigo

Advertising Executive


Fixie Bike Fanatic

Long Boarder